Our Beliefs

The Bible: God Speaks


The Bible is the living Word of God, applicable to every person throughout every time period in history. The Bible is not only the measure and standard of truth, but truth itself. The Bible is the authoritative and inerrant Word of God; it is God’s revelation about himself to man. It is historically accurate and internally consistent as it tells a story of redemption and points us to see God’s plan and to understand the saving grace of Jesus Christ. God used over 40 different authors to write the 66 books of the Bible, all divinely directed by the Holy Spirit



The Trinity: God Is


There is one, true, living God who is perfect in all His attributes and eternally exists in three persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



Humanity: God's Image


We love people because every person was made in God’s image All people from all races, nationalities, and genders are created in the image of God making every life sacred from conception. Though we are the pinnacle of God’s Creation, all mankind has sinned and is prone to wander from Him.  We have all willfully rebelled and disobeyed God. Therefore, apart from the atoning sacrifice Christ made on 
our behalf, all people are hopeless, lost, and deserving of eternal separation from God.



Salvation: God Pursues


Salvation is a gift from God of forgiveness and a promise of an eternity in Heaven. Salvation isn’t earned through good works, self-improvement, or religion; it is given by grace through faith in Jesus. Being reconnected back to God is based on the work of Jesus on the cross where He sacrificially died bearing the sin and punishment of all mankind, paying the price required of sin for all those who believe in Him.  



The Church: God Sends


The church is more than a physical building. The church represents all who believe in Jesus and are called to spread His love to the ends of the earth. It is a community where anyone can belong. All true followers of Jesus are called to take an active role in the body of a local church.